seo for lawyers in los angelesIf you are a lawyer in Southern California, you know that having a website along with a strong online presence is a must for attracting new clients. To strengthen your online presence, you need to improve the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. Traffic to your website from search engine queries is the highest converting type of traffic. Increasing this traffic is a battle to have your website show up above your competitors’ websites on the search engines results page for keywords relevant to your practice. It doesn’t matter whether you are a lawyer Orange County, San Diego, or Los Angeles, SEO is how you win this battle.

Use This Directory to Improve SEO for Lawyer Websites

Those who do SEO for lawyers in Los Angeles and Orange County are always on the look out for new, relevant places to mention and get links to their client’s website. The more relevant, the better. If you are a lawyer in Southern California and are looking to improve your SEO, then creating a listing on this site (a directory for lawyers in Southern California) is about as relevant as you are going to get. Some other websites we would recommend to help in this effort are Best of the Web ( and While those two aren’t as focused or as niche as this website, they will still add value to your search engine presence.

For more information about how niche directories like this will improve your website’s SEO, check out this post from the SEMrush team: If you are a lawyer who practices in the greater Los Angeles, Orange County, or San Diego area and aren’t sure if this website will help you, feel free to ask your SEO person what they think of this website. The search engines want to be sure of what your website is about before they rank you highly for searches that are relevant to your business. Having a listing on a local lawyer directory such as this increases search engines such as Google’s trust that you are who you say you are. With this trust, will come more qualified organic traffic.

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