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Southern California bankruptcy lawyers can help asses if bankruptcy is right for you. There are several types of bankruptcy that a lawyer can help you understand, including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13. Each type requires distinct qualifications and applies to different people and financial situations. For assurance that you are pursuing the best option for you during a time of financial turmoil, seek the guidance of a local bankruptcy lawyer that you can meet face to face in Los Angeles, Orange County, or wherever you live in southern California.

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The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Specialists

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(213) 799-1218

445 S Figueroa St #2700, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Description: The Los Angeles Bankruptcy Specialists, led by knowledgeable and experienced Mr. Maghsoudi, help those struggling financially find the best path forward to a more stable future. Operating out of their Los Angeles office, they provide specialized knowledge of the different chapters of bankruptcy, including chapter 7 and chapter 13. They also offer advice and information… Read more...

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