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The particular and complex details of military law require the knowledge of a specialized military lawyer for the best shot at justice. When those in military service find themselves in legal trouble, their career and possible jail time are on the line. Specialized attorneys such as the local San Diego and Los Angeles military law lawyers below give those in service the best shot at obtaining justice when they are faced with courts-martial, administrative actions (including discharges), military offenses (unauthorized absence, desertion, etc.), civilian criminal charges and more. Military service members have the right for defense against these charges and preserve their career and potential future advancement.

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White & Meeks LLP

Listed in Military

(760) 494-2464

3548 Seagate Way, Suite 200 Oceanside, CA 92056

Description: The attorneys at White & Meeks LLP have extensive experience in both the Military, over 45 years of active duty service to the Marine Corps, as well as military law. They can help guide you through tough, often complex military law issues such as court-martial, administrative actions, military offenses, and even civilian criminal charges. White… Read more...

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